The reason we love zombie stories so much is that we can usually easily identify with a character in the plot. We can use the undead and the types of scenarios they create as a tool to help portray what kind of person they are and exactly how far they are willing to go to survive.

But what if you ARE one of the characters?

I’m pretty sure I had a lucid dream. I could control my actions, but I couldn’t wake up. I could make decisions while thinking something completely different. Tonight, I learned that I can still keep my people safe, even through fear, even when they betray my trust, and even when I’m so full of hurt and sadness that I’m not sure I’m one of the good guys.

I hate to get graphic, but killing a dog with your bare hands, even if it’s going to rip your face open, is still hard to do, and will forever be ingrained in the actions I have done, even if it was a dream. The sense of emptiness your life has when all civilization has gone and you are left with only the drive to survive… I feel I have truly felt that.


I had this same reaction

I was a noob the other day, and had the same feeling of camaraderie with my companion. This game is amazing. No dialogue, just experience.



I think my companion I ran into had never played before. They were just so excited about everything.

And when I say excited about everything, I mean they chirped every two seconds.

They picked up on flying fast, we were able to fly across the desert chirping to each other to…

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I was walking down the street a bit ago and someone had drawn on the sidewalk with chalk. It had a rainy cloud and the words surrounding the crude picture said “What are you doing with your life?”

When asked that question, I realized that for the first time in my life the answer was positive.

"I’m doing amazing things," was my reply.  


While driving to Akron, a conversation I was having had turned onto what my dreams for the future was, and in a sudden cognitive impact, everything I wanted to do for the next five to ten years was clear to me. Never has such a vivid conviction lay upon me.

I’ve determined  that with AHA hacking education project I have undertaken, I will get to the point where I can go to any other hackerspace in the United States (and maybe even the world, cause that would just be sweet) that is interested in setting up a similar enterprise themselves and within a year or two, get them started. Curriculum, ways to staff, training, and all it takes will be fleshed out and shared, with any new findings or curriculum being sent to all other joining spaces. 

The most appealing idea about this is having this be it’s own separate being within the hackerspaces, even though it is a part of the home entity. While each space houses their own supplies and teaches on their own, money, bank accounts, and grants are shared for these classes and staff. In this way, one class being held in a neighborhood that has a higher median income can help classes in lower income areas without worrying about a single hackerspace having to do classes for both areas.

This is still at the very beginnings of abstract thoughts, but the fact they came together so flawlessly and became a solid and communicable idea, makes me want to pursue such an endeavor. I have 12 more days to complete my slides for my presentation at Ann Arbor Ignite 7. This can be a start, I think, and I should really start looking at it in this light. 


If you post a picture with some text on it, that does not make it a meme. The difference being that there is an idea being passed from viewer to veiwer, and the idea has more substance than, “oh that’s cool.” 

Get your head out of your ass internet, you are posting pictures or gifs, that is all.